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Non-Traditional Workouts

Are you needing an intense workout, but really have just a little time each day to devote to it? No more trying to squeeze in a DVD routine, turn toward the kettlebell. Kettlebells date back to the early 1700s when Russian strongmen invented them and proved their worth. Today, kettlebells are returning to popular culture and proving just how effective they are. The cannonball-shaped balls with handles can assist in a fast and powerful workout that hits nearly every muscle as the bells are swung and the weight is shifted all over the body. Most kettlebell routines are sliced up into intervals and the rapid flow get the heart rate up. Because of the intervals, kettlebell routines burn 20 calories a minute and most routines are only 20 minutes, that’s a lot of calories in just 20 minutes.

New to kettlebells? Don't try this on your own. It's advisable to use a trainer until you have a firm grasp and understanding of how to safely execute this effective workout. Read This Before You Try a Kettlebell Workout DVD

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