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Most Popular Diets of 2012

Number 6: Sensa

2011 Rank: #7

It's nicknamed "the sprinkle diet" and the idea is a far-fetched as any other fad diet you've heard about. Just a sprinkle of Sensa's tastants across any food you're eating - be it a salad or burger - and your brain will be tricked in to finding more flavor and aroma in what you're eating therefore satisfying you sooner. With Sensa, you purportedly stop eating sooner and therefore lose weight without any real diet, habit, fitness or other lifestyle changes.

Just this month Sensa was slammed with the first of what is not likely to be the last false advertising suit. In California the brand was sued for $800,000 because the claims were simply too good to be true. Nine counties in that state pushed through the case based on the over-hyped efficacy of their weight loss claims, and won. Sensa has admitted no fault.

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