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Organic Liaison

Most Popular Diets of 2012

Number 21: Organic Liaison

2011 Rank: #17

Other than an appearance on Dr. Oz this fall, Organic Liaison founder Kirstie Alley managed to keep a low profile this year (at least where her weight was concerned). Her friend and co-spokeswoman for the brand, Kelly Preston, made big waves with her own weight loss from Organic Liaison though.

Kelly not only celebrated turning 50 this year, but also the loss of 40 pounds! She shared her experience on The Doctors this year, even noting more energy that allows her to chase after her two-year-old, Benjamin.

The product is the first organic weight loss supplement and Alley credits it for helping her lose 70 pounds after re-gaining following a stint as a Jenny Craig spokeswoman. The program includes a variety of products, some suited specifically for men or women, and comes with an online support website with even more guidance. They call it a "complete solution" for sustainable lifelong health and weight management.

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posted Oct 17th, 2013 5:17 pm


I have wanted to try this product since the first time I saw it, but can't afford it. So today I get an e-mail that says I can buy a 15 day supply for 16.99! I was so excited I couldn't get my credit card out fast enough, then I got to checkout and my total was almost doubled, why because of the S&H! So I cancelled my order, I am writing to tell you how disappointed I am, this product is just way to expensive for an average working person. So, sadly I guess I will never know if this product is as good as it is advertised to be and I think it's safe to say that's the case for lots of people. What a shame, EVERYONE looses including Kirstie, which is a surprise to me considering she has been fat for a long time, too bad money, at this point, is more important to her, then helping others get healthy!

posted Aug 31st, 2013 6:06 am


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