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Bye Bye Baby

Expecting More Pregnancy Workout by Sara Haley

Cardio and Sculpts the Glutes and Legs

Prepare for possible separation anxiety with baby, and get your cardio on with Bye Bye Baby!

Part 1: Begin standing next to your chair. Side step or shuffle your feet away from your chair for a count of four. Feel free to have fun and wave “Bye, Bye.”

Part 2: Then, walk back towards the chair and use the chair to help you balance. Hinge forward at the hips and lift the outside leg. Repeat the entire sequence (shuffle to the hinge) for 45 seconds. On your last rep, hold the single-legged hinge, squeeze your glutes and pulse your working leg to the ceiling for a count of sixteen.

Rest for 15 seconds, and execute on the other side of the chair to work the opposite leg. Remember as you hinge forward to once again, activate your core by hugging your baby closer to your spine!

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