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Marci Crozier - Biggest Loser 11

Biggest Loser Where Are They Now

My Favorite Memory: Jillian took us to her Malibu beach house. Since she beat us up the day before we all thought she was taking us there on our rest day to rest. I cordially thanked her for being so thoughtful, as I really needed the rest. She said, “Yes, you get to rest…for five minutes.” Then, she started tearing out the body boards, kayaks, etc. and told us to get in the ocean. I immediately got on the body board and started paddling.

The girls were having a hard time getting on the Kayak, Arthur thought he was going to get bitten by a shark, the water was too cold for some, and I just keep going farther out. Jillian screamed for me to come back. I yelled back at her that I was paddling home. They were all laughing, including Jillian.

I ended up on a Kayak with Olivia and we just traveled up and down the coast. We stayed out there in paradise for two hours knowing that the others were running up and down the beach in the sand and doing yoga. Olivia and I just keep saying, “Where are we?” And if it wasn’t good enough, the Good Year Blimp flew over us and the pilot was waving. It was a time I will never forget.

Where I Am Now: I am back at work as Regional Director of Marketing and Sales for Franciscan Omni Health & Fitness in Chesterton and Schererville, Indiana. I work for the Franciscan Alliance (Sisters of Saint Francis). I have been with the Fitness Facility for 29 years. I was promoted from General Manager of one club to this Director position for both clubs when the clubs were regionalized. I am exactly where God wants me to be…always was, just didn’t realize the plan. We run a program called Thin & Healthy Total Solutions and we have lost over 10,000 pounds!

I have been giving a presentation called “The Journey” to corporations (including our own), conferences, organizations, fundraisers, churches, etc. My message includes Mind, Body, Spirit connection and relates my time on the ranch. I teach no excuses, self responsibility and finding your own powerful why.

I continue to remind myself that I need to come first. It is OK to put people before me but not above me. I enjoy my family, playing golf, working out and hanging out with people that give me energy.

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