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Dan Marino for NutriSystem for Men

About NutriSystem

Guys don't diet. But when NFL quarterbacks, like Dan Marino, embrace a program like Nutrisystem for Men, guys are more likely to give it a try. After retiring from his professional football career, Marino packed on some unwanted weight. But with the help of Nutrisystem's male-focused program, he was able to lose 22 pounds and get back in shape. Men using Nutrisystem receive meals that support their caloric needs, as well as customized meal plans, weight loss counseling and fitness guidance. The meals are satisfying, healthy and convenient.

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James Snead


How to order Nutrisystem for Men? I have reviewed you site but find the information too general. I would like some specific information about if I can purchase two meals instead of 3, kinds of food choices available, and specific prricing information. My wife might consider if I would like the plan. Thanks. J. Snead

posted Apr 4th, 2012 7:02 pm


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