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Section #4 Strength Training

You’ve just finished mountain climbers and you’re already in the push-up position. Without rest after your climbers, immediately begin your push-ups.

Like shoulder touches, your body should be in a straight line. Your butt should not be up in the air nor should it be sinking.

When lowering yourself to the ground, make sure your elbows go backwards and almost (if not) touch the sides of your body. A form misconception is to have the elbows point out so your arms are in a 90-degree angle. This is incorrect because you would be using more shoulders in this scenario, and we’re trying to target the chest.

Perform 10-12 push-ups in a row. If you need to, perform them with your knees on the ground (also known as girl push-ups) until you work your way up and are ready for the traditional push-up (just make sure you’re only using your chest to push yourself up, no other parts of the body).

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