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Best Yogurt Brands

2012 Food Awards

For an on-the-go snack, yogurt is a great choice. It’s full of protein and calcium and there are almost hundreds of flavors to choose from so there’s one to suit every taste. Yogurt can really be eaten for any meal of the day, and for more flavor and bulk add a little or slices of fresh fruit for dipping.

Nutrition Criteria

< 130 calories, zero trans fat, < 2g of fat, < 1g of saturated fat, < 25g sugar, > 5g protein, > 15% of the Daily Value of cals> 15% of the daily value calcium.


  1. Yoplait Lite: This lost on one key compoment - the protein content was only 5g and should have been much more.

  2. Carbmaster: This isn’t a bad choice except for the 1.5g of fat and the less than favorable flavor.

  3. Stonyfield Oikos: This was one of the highest in sugars, with 16g, of all the yogurt we reviewed.

  4. FAGE: This can be found in the health food section, but didn't make the cut because of a number of reasons. The calories and the sugars were the highest out of the entire group, and the taste can be related to paste.

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