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Infinity Strap

2011 Yogi Gift Guide

Infinity straps put a twist on your yoga practice- literally! Yoga straps are nothing new, and help to hold and move in and out of your favorite yoga postures, but the Infinity strap eliminates common strap complaints. The dual loop design has a subtle twist at the center, forming a shape of a figure 8, making it easy to slip over your hand or foot.

The twist also makes it easy to form a natural grip, following the natural contours of the body. It also distributes the pressure more evenly across the broad surface of your hand instead of your fingers, and with no metal clasps, it will make no distracting noise if it makes contact with the floor. Made from 1.5” wide heavy-duty natural cotton webbing, the Infinity strap is available in three sizes and several color options.

Price is $10.99 to $14.99

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These yoga straps are soooo good. They also have a type that stretches that is awesome. Seriously, they are the best yoga prop I've used.

posted Nov 17th, 2011 4:23 am


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