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Will the weight watchers program work for me?

Sandy asked this question Jul 28th, 2011 2:24 am

My husband and I are long haul truck drivers
we rarely have time to stop between trips so a exercise plan isn't feasable at this point. Is this plan doable on a truck. I am 5"5'' tall and
approxamately 220 lbs. I desperately want to lose this weight. your feedback will be greatly be appreciated..ty

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as long as you dont' listen to their new rule about "eat as much fruit and vegetables as you like" weight watchers will work for you.

since you can't increase your calorie burn throughout the day with exercise, you have to keep strict with your calorie count throughout the day. Seeing that you are 5'5, you should probably start at a maximum, of around 1500 calories per day. Although seeing as you are a truck driver and don't get moving much, you might just have to keep your calories even lower per day to start losing weight.

be sure to keep things like celery, apples, carrots, around you for your trip to avoid higher calorie foods.

I know it sounds like that's not a lot of cals to eat in the day, but you'll find that as you are losing weight your body will adjust to your new calorie level since obviously the amount you are currently eating now isn't helping your situation.

you sound really determined so I'm sure you will reach your goal, just stay with it and try not to be deterred with all the nonsense in the fitness magazines. Calories matter.

anyways, hope that helps.

happy driving!

posted on Jul 28th, 2011 11:40 am


Weight Watchers is an extremely flexible diet that can be adjusted to fit many lifestyles and many people have had success with this program. Although regular exercise is recommended for your health, there are not strict requirements for when you exercise on Weight Watchers.

posted on Jul 29th, 2011 3:14 pm