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Why is it not possible to eat healthy on food stamps?

Amy asked this question Feb 8th, 2012 5:53 pm

I an curious as to why you think it's just not possible to eat healthy while using food stamps. It is challenging, yes, but not impossible. We had to do it for 3 years. It came down to choices. We shopped the sales. When apples were on sale, we loaded up on them. Romaine lettuce cheaper this week, that's what we ate. We learned to make bread and yogurt at home. It's not ideal, but it's possible and not everyone on food stamps is surviving off of boxed mac and cheese and ramen noodles. We don't shop at Whole Foods, but we do shop at another local health food store. The key is being flexible in what you buy and eat, making what you can from home, and diligent shopping.

This question is about Challenge: Buy 30 Days of Groceries at Whole Foods on a Poverty-Level Budget

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