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what popcorn can i have on this 17 day diet?

tricia asked this question Mar 2nd, 2011 1:18 am

just started the 17daydiet i work 3 shift so it alot i have to ajust 10.30 to 7.30 in the morning. i love popcorn which brand

This question is about The 17 Day Diet

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Great question Tricia! We posed this to the book's author, Dr. Mike Moreno, in an interview this week. Here's his answer (it's quite tasty!):

Dr. Mike says you need to go old school - homemade, air-popped popcorn that's plain. But his recipe for this plain popcorn sounds downright scrumptious: plain, air-popped popcorn, topped with sea salt and olive oil. Delicious, right?

If you have to get microwave popcorn, he says stick with the plain and low-fat options, being aware of the butter substitutes.

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posted on Mar 31st, 2011 3:35 pm