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What is causing sleep apnea? Im really worried about my Mom!

Alisha asked this question Jul 7th, 2011 6:43 am

My mom has been having breathing problems and they are sudden onset at times! She says the air starts to feel like its thick and she just cant get her breath! She has been to the hospital twice with this problem and they admit her and run some tests which all come out clean and then they send her home pretty much without any answers! This is very discouraging both to her and the family! Shouldnt they give her something, maybe even an inhaler or something that she can carry with her and use when these problems occur? She also Has sleep apnea and stop breathing at night, sometimes for several minutes at a times, could the sleep apnea be contributing to Her breathing problems during the day and if so what can be done about this! She is a soon to be 45 yr old female. She has been a non smoker for roughly 15 years now, she has some high blood pressure issues, some problems with potassium and she ways roughly 240 lbs, give or take! Please help, apparently the doctor isnt catching something and this is worrying me sick!! I dont want to lose her, my Great Grandmother died around this age and if im not mistaken it was due to similar problems! Im incredibly concerned!!

This question is about Understanding Obesity Related Diseases: Sleep Apnea

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