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What effect does Alli have on fat?

Meray asked this question Nov 27th, 2011 1:55 pm

If I follow a low fat diet and I excercise and I take low calorie, don't I lose weight without alli?? and if Alli stops the absorption of fat, why do i need to cut the fat consumption?

This question is about Orlistat

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Alli blocks 25% of the fat you take in from being absorbed. Alli is a half dose of prescription Xenical. The reason to cut fat is to reduce the chance of having oily stool. I don't really cut my fat, but I don't eat a lot of fat anyway. What I do eat, I let Orlistat reduce by 30%. It is like a bonus.

Reducing sugar and carbohydrates works better and is healthier anyway. Our bodies need fat. However, like with most things, we get way too much crappy vegetable oils in our diet and not enough healthy omega 3 s and short chain fatty acids like coconut oil. When I eat fish or coconut I skip the Orlistat because I want my body to get the good stuff. I only take Orlistat when I eat crappy food.

posted on Apr 27th, 2013 11:47 am