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What diet do I need to help me lose weight?

PEGGY WEST asked this question Jul 1st, 2011 5:08 pm

hi need help....i weighed 479 lbs., i got sick last year with h pylori. i lost 159 lbs i now weigh 330 lbs. now that im feeling better i want to eat.. i need to get on a diet and stay healthy i went from 7x clothes to 2x.. i love it.. i can see my neck now.. but i do not want to go back to the weight i was at. it was like i cheated.. being sick and losing weight but i can see me going backwards and it scares me badly.. please help me.... i sent a question for my friend earlier she also is heavy 320 lbs with diabetes like me and her kidneys are bad she had a complete physical so she could get a stomach band so she could lose weight. i think we can do this together with the right diet... i pray you can help us... pleaseee we will do our part. thank you

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