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What are the side effects of Raspberry Ketones?

Lynn asked this question Sep 21st, 2012 3:14 am

Has anyone experienced ringing or buzzing in the ears after taking Raspberry Keytones (RK)? I took it for approximately 2 weeks with no problem, then developed a cold and sore throat during the third week. Woke up with this annoying buzzing/ringing in my ears. Off RK about 2 weeks and ringing/buzzing almost went away completely.Decided to try RK again this week and within a few hours, the buzzing/ringing is back. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this ringing/buzzing in the ears?

This question is about Raspberry Ketone Side Effects May Impact Thyroid Health

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Julie Gray

I have been on the RK Pure nothing else in it that is soooo important.I am a physical wreck from a chronic Pancreatitis, to Bronchitits, and severe arthritis and so fatigued and have to take thyroid med. eveyday. I started taking the pure RK, and I have a great amount of energy, my pancrease has had relief which is like a miracle and I have not had any ringing in my ears. I have been taking this for about six weeks and have lost right at 19 pounds. The people who I have read that have developed a cold and sore throat after 2 wks well I must say you were probably already exposed to someone with an uper respitory infection or just caught a cold, which usually lasts about 4 wks. I am sure RK had nothing to do with it or your ringing ears, bexause when you have a bad cold or RI., you get ringing in the ears and that usually lasts around 4 months.So If I were you, I would not take it for about 6 months and in the meantime, go and see a ear,nose, and throat Dr. and also see your family Dr. and ask him about your Thyroid and if pure RK could have a bad effect on yours. I must stress it must be pure in everyway.

posted on Oct 7th, 2012 4:46 am