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Is it good for type 1or type2diabetes??

Lynne asked this question Sep 18th, 2011 10:30 pm

This question is about Plexus Slim

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Check with your licensed physician for the safety of Plexus Slim for type1or 2 diabetics. Non medical ambassadors will only tell you what is needed to sell product and what they themselves have been falsely told. Plexus Slim has not been federally approved for the treatment of diabetics.

posted on Sep 19th, 2011 7:30 pm

Ed Blaize

yes i am an ambassador, but i swore years ago never again with network marketing. i tried the 3 day trial, and on the 2nd day i signed up! so never say never. i have studied herbal medicine and have used herbs for 25 years, there is NOTHING unsafe in the Plexus Slim for diabetics or heart patients(heart patients need to talk to their doctor before taking the accelerator). but 1 heart patient i know is taking it (the accelerator)without a problem. it is illegal to claim that it cures or treats any disease, so the people saying that need to stop. however i can tell you why so many diabetics are no longer taking their insulin, its simple. most type 2 diabetics are deficient in the 2 minerals chromium and vanadium. Plexus slim has chromium and vanadium in it. its really that simple. farmers and veterinarians have known since the late '40s that animals that don't get the proper mineral supplementation will develop diabetes and heart disease. its really that simple. i don't take it for those reasons, i have perfect blood pressure and sugar levels already because i get the proper mineral supplements in my diet. i take it because of how it makes me feel, i feel great and now have the energy to work out.( i take the accelerator with it which has the stimulants in it) and i became an ambassador because its cheaper to get the products that way, and i don't have to sell a damn thing. it sells itself. simply take the accelerator and you will see why. whoever runs this sight doesn't know their but from a hole in the ground if they are implying that is is unsafe for diabetics. i have studied these very herbs for a long time and i know they are safe from years of use. i have never seen them in this potent of a form for this cheap. when i discovered what was in it i finally agreed to take a sample pack and use it. as i said the 2nd day i signed up. so you can believe the one who runs the sight and the other comments of people who really know nothing about these herbs or you can listen to someone who has been using herbs as medicine for 25 years. its your choice. but keep in mind most of these types of sights have a financial interest in keeping people sick. they are run by doctors and people in the medical profession who make their living by keeping people sick. the cures for cancer, diabetes and heart disease have been known about for at least 50 years, and up to a hundred years for cancer, but they have a financial reason to withhold this information from the public. their are herbs out there that will cure everything under the sun. even the bible tells us to eat herbs. genesis 1:29 read it. and to answer Shantell's quote about new ambassadors being falsely told claims; well thats a false claim based on absolutely no knowledge of the people using the product. i know 2 people personally who's doctors took them off their insulin because they no longer needed it. these are not false claims. and no i don't sell it, it sells itself; but i am an ambassador, and i just signed up 2 days ago, and i have had nearly everyone i gave a sample to call me back and want to become an ambassador. so if your interested too, heres my web URL: my email is there too if you have any more questions, and so is my phone # i think(if not and you want to call, email me for the number). i would say the only danger in taking this is you may not eat at all, it is that effective at suppressing your appetite. i have to make myself eat during the day, and when i do, i only have been eating a small plate instead of the 2-3 plates of food i usually eat at the buffet. God Bless. stay miserable and fat, or do something to change all that! oh by the way,NOTHING is approved to treat diseases except the chemicals that the big pharma companies produce, so Shantell's statement truly means nothing. its illegal for a doctor in the united states to tell you how to cure your cancer if they know. they will also lose their license to practice. so go figure

posted on Sep 22nd, 2011 2:42 pm


I just want to say Amen to Ed. This product has worked wonders on my husbands blood levels and my mother is now on 40 units of insulin instead of 100 by her Dr.'s orders. That is a Licensed Physician Shantell...

posted on Oct 2nd, 2011 9:36 pm