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How to get the best results on the Sacred Heart Diet?

Sam asked this question Feb 7th, 2012 8:05 pm

On day two of the diet and i feel great! I love the soup and have been eating lots of veggies. I am not hungry at all and do find i have more energy. Only set back is that i have had a headache all day although I've been drinking lots of water!

Im going for the 2 week goal because im going to cuba then :)

I am wondering if its important to exercise on this diet or if i will still have good results regardless? I am just too busy to go to the gym this month so im hoping ill still have good results.

Also! is it true the more soup you eat the more you'll lose? Because ive prettty much only had two bowls a day just because im not hungry for anymore...

Any information would be helpful :) good luck everyone!

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