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How do you sign up with The Doctors' Wake-Up Call with Jillian?

suzettedrane asked this question Oct 4th, 2011 12:05 pm

i want to sign my son up on the doctors show for jilian to save his life? he has had a tuff life ,but he has 2kids that need him 9 &15 yrs old,i cant stand to hear him eat ,he cant breath when he eats i think not sure its a awfull noise he makes ,the hospital just told him his blood presure is thru the roof.i want him to be on the doctors with jillian,and i dont know how to sign up for it ,i am not healthy my self so i need him to be here for his kids ,had him at 15 so im 50 and i have not found a doctor that knows what is wrong with me,and im scared for my 9year old grandson that needs me more and i am loosing energy every day ,and the migranes,make it so hard to be the grandma i want to be, i have several other kids but this one just wont grow up and take care of himself or these 2 815-541-5749 suzette drane thank you.

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Sounds like Mayo Clinic is needed for you both. I'd look into that first. They can figure out everything. All my friends that have had the unknowing things from regular doctors have gone there and had their illness identified.

posted on Oct 4th, 2011 2:18 pm