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How do you go out for an evening with friends or are restaurants not allowed too?

Ann asked this question Feb 12th, 2013 8:50 pm

But HOW the sam hill does one even go to a restaurant. It's unreasonable to think that you are simply going to become unsociable. And please don't tell me to order a big salad. Most restaurants serve ice-berg lettuce (save me!) I like what I read so far, but I do not believe that anything that restricts something so severely is good. A glass of milk a day? THAT is going to give me disease? I'm not convinced. Even Dr. Oz uses olive oil, drinks skim milk and eats a steak once in a while.

This question is about Joel Fuhrman's Diet

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I recommend you read the book and you will then have answered your question. There is three plans and it seems you are focusing only on the most restrictive plan as the other do not have the restriction you say they do. I would also suggest re-examining your friendships, if socializing revolves around having to eat out, or focuses on living an unhealthy lifestyle to keep up with them, perhaps they may not have the best interest for you or themselves. You can’t get to the next level in life by being the same as what it took you to get here. Good luck!

posted on Oct 31st, 2014 1:15 pm


How often are you talking about going out to eat? I think that does affect the answer. If it's once a week or less, I would not sweat it too much. This isn't to say you should order a large steak, but that it's OK if the food isn't optimal. Iceberg lettuce may not be the best, but it's not horrible. For example, if I end up at the Cracker Barrel (a chain restaurant that does country-style food), I usually eat the beans and greens, even though they contain a lot of pork seasoning. If you try to be legalistic when you eat out you are going to make yourself crazy.

If you have to eat out a lot, that's can be challenging. I would try to see if you can occasionally pick the restaurant. Ethic food, such as Mexican, Chinese or Indian often has a lot of vegetarian choices. A lot of restaurants are also able to make adaptations if you ask.

I could do a rant on milk - I'm lactose-intolerant but spend most of my childhood having milk all but forced on me because it was supposedly "good for you". Dr Fuhrman's main argument against milk is that it has a low nutrient density--the same reason he's not a fan of refined oils or meat. The rest of the argument I think is just a rant against the way milk has been over-emphasized in the American diet due to political interests. I think a lot of his more extreme reactions to various foods are a response to the politics and marketing out there and should be understood as such.

posted on Dec 7th, 2014 3:30 pm


I started the E2L plan a few days after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was devasted by the diagnosis and wanted to try diet and exercise as a reversal. I ordered Dr. Fuhrman's book online immediately. Two days later I knew that I had plans to go out and celebrate my friends birthday at a restaurant. I checked the menu beforehand because I had already started my new eating plan. I told my friend in advance but not any of th other guests. I ordered a salad with mixed greens asking them to hold the cheese and had a side order of broccoli. I was full and enjoyed the evening. No one else had dessert except the birthday girl so I didn't really miss it that much. I have gone out several times since then. I usually order a bean burger, salad with fruit, a fruit bowl, steamed veggies. I've ordered steamed veggie s as a carryout item from a chinese restaurant, no rice and no msg. It's not as hard as it seems once you begin and start to think about what you are eating. Most restaurants have been more than willing to substitute my potato that comes with the meal for a bowl of steamed broccoli. I must say in the three weeks since I have started my new eating plan, I have lost 15 pounds and my numbers that are used to diagnose diabetes have come down from a 9.2 to a 7.5. I am expecting a full reversal of this disease. Fllowing this plan of healthier eating,to me, is easier and healthier than taking medication to "manage" an illness.

posted on Apr 11th, 2015 4:48 pm

Faye H.

Someone said before "get your head in the game", that's all it is. This isn't one of those 'diets'. This a lifestyle change that has allowed me to lose the weight that no other plan could before, even with religious exercising. Make the restaurants work for YOU. Drink seltzer water with your steamed veggies. It's about the company and not the food.

posted on Jun 19th, 2015 6:43 pm


This response makes me feel that you only skimmed through the book because Dr Fuhrman addresses all of this. You can easily go to a restaurant, you can have meat and others things 10% of the time, and the diet is only restrictive in the areas that are killing us. Milk was made for a cow to drink not a human and there are many studies that show how bad it is for our bodies. I lost the most weight when I gave up milk. I love Dr Oz but he has never done research that I am aware of.....he only reports what is out there in the world. Read the book thoroughly and give it a real shot, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

posted on Aug 14th, 2015 4:54 pm