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Has anyon else had low blood sugar and have to eat healthy carbs (Fruits) to elevate bs readings.

Agnes Bailes asked this question Jan 11th, 2016 2:10 am

I am a diabetic and use an insulin pump. On phase1 I had 7 or 8 lows . I ate an apple, raisins, or dried plums. I lost 11 lbs.eating even though I had extra snacks to elevate bs readings. Now I am 2 days into phase 2. I can hardly wait to see how I am doing. So far I have not had to eat extra snacks because phase 2 has more carbs.

This question is about Dr. Phil's 20/20 Diet

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I also am on a pump. My BS dropped drastically too-thar's good for us lower HA1c. Just call your doctor and have him adjust your basal each time things change.
Stay with it--I have lost over 21 lbs in 4 months and my HA1c is down to 7.4 froom 9. May doc approved the diet.

posted on Jul 10th, 2016 7:42 pm