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Do you have to start back on day 1 of the 1st cycle if you mess up 1 day during the 2nd cycle?

Justin H asked this question Apr 9th, 2011 12:40 am

I was wondering if you screw up one day in the second cycle, do you have to start back on day 1 of the 1st cycle? or can you just restart the second cycle?

This question is about The 17 Day Diet

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Depends on how badly you messed up. If you gained between 3-5 lbs in a day which is a REALLY big mess up, or if you cheated all weekend and also gained that much or more, just keep doing accelerate days from cycle 1 until you lose it again and then restart cycle 2 with alternating days. But if you didn't gain weight from the mess up day or it was like less than a pound, then no keep going. That being said, doesn't mean u can sneak in forbidden food here and there as long as you don't gain weight. In the long run, even cheating here and there will slow down your progress a lot so not worth it. The book talks about going back to cycle 1 and starting over if you over splurge with the "foods you love" in cycle 4 and gain 3-5 lbs over the weekend or if you go way off track for days or weeks. In this case, You would go through the cycles until you lost the weight again and then skip to cycle 4 to maintain.

posted on Apr 11th, 2011 3:49 am