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Do you have to a be a high school senior for I Used to be Fat?

penny4urthoughts asked this question Dec 29th, 2011 11:44 pm

Do you have to a be a high school senior or can you just be in high school in general? Because I am a high school sophmore and i really want to lose weight. I am 5'9'' and 219 pounds. I've been overweight ever since 3rd grade and I really want to change that. I'm the most active person in my family, but I'm still bigger than everyone. Once I saw this show I knew that this is the push I've been looking for. Sometimes working out by myself gets boring and I think that my family doesn't really want to help me lose the weight. I hate going to clothing stores and seeing that they don't have my size in something I want or the looks that people give me when I walk around. I also have a lack of confidence in myself because of my weight and I think people don't like me because of my weight. I really don't like how I look right now and I would do anything to change the way I look.

This question is about MTV Searching for the Next Cast of "I Used to Be Fat"

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Unfortunately, at the moment, you do have to be a high school senior. Who knows what the future may hold.
On the other hand, please know that from my own personal experience, no show can help you change your life more than believing in yourself. The mind is a powerful tool. When you put health & happiness first & challenges & excuses second, life truly changes for the better. You're worth the time, commitment & sacrifice it takes to be happy & healthy. Small steps & slight changes really add up & make a huge difference. I promise.

posted on Jan 2nd, 2012 10:27 pm