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Can you recomend a reasonably good tasting, fair priced, lower glycemic sweetener that isn't poisonous trash?

Walt G asked this question Sep 5th, 2011 3:08 am

I buy Agave from Costco because I was under the impression it would make a healthier lower glycemic sweetener for my coffee and cooking than sugar. Sucked into the hype, maybe?
My question is this: Is there a difference between types of fructose? Is there the bad "high fructose corn syrup" type product and other fructose products that are not so damaging? Or is a fructose a fructose a fructose? A 76 year old Type Two Diabetic wants to know...
I have been looking for a reasonably good tasting, fair priced, lower glycemic sweetener for a long time. Hate stevia! Tastes gross! I thought Splenda might be the answer for a while, but the Internet renegade Medicos slam it as poison, like most of the rest of the artificial sweeteners. Can you advise me before I croak on this trash?
Walt G

This question is about Agave Nectar No Healthier Than Other Sweeteners

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fructose is fructose and it's highly concentrated type of sugar that is hard on the liver. coconut sugar is a bit lower on the glycemic index and tastes fine (i use it in my coffee and in baking). the best option, just cut back on sugar!

posted on Feb 16th, 2013 4:26 pm