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Are there any other options to the Sacred Heart Diet soup?

Kimberly asked this question Nov 16th, 2011 10:38 pm

I am on my fruits and veggie day....I must say the soup makes me sick to my stomach even just to think about it. I have had a killer headache since day one as well. I lost 2 pounds the first day but gained one the second day....why is this? I am sticking to the diet the best I can. However I found that I would rather drink my broth and eat my veggies raw ( it is easier on my tummy), is this okay? Also I am not a beef eater and was wondering if I did eat the steaks could I atleast do chicken broth instead of beef broth? I am just trying to find ways to stomach the soup lol. I am 5"4 and weigh 149 lbs. I am wanting to get to 109 lbs which is 1 lb under what my healthy weight would be. I have already lost 4 lbs just by eating clean and healthy and working out like crazy! Please if anyone knows of a way around the soup that works please help! I love veggies I just prefer them raw!

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