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Are retrofit reviews fake?

kristie asked this question Sep 3rd, 2012 7:22 am

Most of the reviews are written on the same day.. makes me suspicious they are not real (In addition to Kristen Burns writing about two totally different experiences on the same day?) Disappointing- was hoping to try it.

This question is about Retrofit

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Hi Kristie-

Great question, and a completely fair one.

We hand moderate every comment on the site and can usually spot bot/spam activity and don't push those through. We want clean comments and reviews just like you! What likely happened in this incident, and is common on the site, is the brand promoted the review on that date and sent a swell of consumers over to leave reviews. As for Kristen Burns, we see this a lot. Since comments don't post live immediately, people often think it didn't go through and they rewrite/repost their comment. We're pretty good about only allowing one to get through, but sometimes we don't catch them all.

We hope this clarifies and alleviates any skepticism. If you ever have more questions about our comment process, you can read here or reach out to us at

posted on Dec 6th, 2012 5:42 pm