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Any guys taking this experiencing this?

Aaron asked this question Feb 16th, 2011 7:47 pm

My concerns for this diet don't only start with the 500 calories but the fact that a side effect for men is male breast enlargement.
Any guys taking this experiencing this?
It seems as this IS a female hormone and it could make some sense.

This question is about hCG Diet

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I am a mail and taking the pill form. I had concerns about this myself. My father has been taking the injections. He scheduled his program to start with the ("loading days" the first two day), on Thanksgiving ( smart guy) it gave him the opportunity to pig out and have leftovers the next day.. Needless to say it is now coming up on the end of Feb. My dad started on Thanksgiving day weighing in at 295, he is 6'4", but he weighed in yesterday at 228. Do the math, in the short amount of time.. Also, he has had no side effects. No upset stomachs ( other than the first week, of his system adjusting to the vegi's espcially the raw spinach and brocolli. That will happen with anyone. I'm on the pill version for 5 days now. I've stuck to it just as it says to do, no cheating and drinking around 150 oz. of water per day plus a few cups of coffee through out the day ( with Stivia, which is allowed.) In those 5 days I've lost 7 pounds and no stomach issues, just alot of urinating ( A LOT, but I'm also drinking a lot of water, which you have to do). I do have cravings, because lets face it.. We're going from 2000 to 3 to 4 thousand calories a day for how long in our lives, to all of a sudden cutting it to about 500. That's going to happen, no drug will cure that, that's just the body adjusting. Each day it gets better. There are a lot of things you can get that will help. They have chewing gum that you can use ( our gluten free store sells them), so that helps at night, since I'm a night snacker. I went in to this with the attitude of: I've got nothing to lose but weight. So, so far so good,with results. Best of luck.

posted on Feb 27th, 2011 12:33 am