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Sherry Johnston Sherry Johnston's Elimination Interview - "Little Mama" spoke with us about possible ageism in her elimination, how she continues a clean-eating lifestyle at home, and how she feels like she's in her 20s again!

Sherry's Biggest Loser Journey Slideshow

Amanda's Week 9 Recap - In what we're calling one of the best episodes of the season, Amanda recaps a challenge featuring chef Curtis Stone, a 100-pound milestone celebration and a farewell to the show's "Little Mama."

Losing It with Jillian Michaels Premieres June 1 - Just one week after the Biggest Loser 9 finale, Jillian will return with her own show in which she moves in with a new family each week to help them gain control of their health.

Cheryl Forberg Discusses "The Biggest Loser: 6 Weeks to a Healthier You" - The Biggest Loser's nutritionist just released the newest book from the show yesterday, offering a plan to help you get your health and weight on track in six weeks. Check-out our interview and you'll have a chance to win the book for yourself!

Biggest Loser Casting Season 10 - Learn what you need to do to apply to be on the show and get the nationwide casting tour schedule. This Saturday they're in OKC, Salt Lake City, Dallas and New Orleans.

Biggest Loser Resort Recipe: Mixed Berry Smoothie - This is a fresh and sweet way to start the day or a satisfying post-workout treat that offers four servings of fruit. Put a St. Patty's spin on it by adding a handful of fresh spinach!

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Biggest Loser Season 9 Weight Chart

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