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Maria Ventrella Elimination Interview with Maria Ventrella - Maria is making herself a priority for a change, and the results are a thinner, healthier, more physically active woman.

Slideshow - Maria Ventrella's Biggest Loser Journey

Amanda's Week Three Recap - It was high drama on the ranch this week. Amanda looks back at the highlights of week three, including the first temptation and a visit from Curtis Stone.

Amanda's Biggest Loser Behind the Scenes - You asked and Amanda answered. Watch part one of Amanda's Q&A series, then leave your questions for next week!

Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout - If the workouts look brutal on screen, try doing them at home with this DVD, featuring Jillian and some of your favorite Biggest Loser alumni.

Biggest Loser Recipe: Chicken Cacciatore - Chef Curtis Stone made his season 9 debut by teaching the contestants how to make this restaurant favorite in a healthier way at home. Maria Ventrella

Biggest Loser Season 9 Weight Chart

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