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James Crutchfield Elimination Interview with James Crutchfield - Find out how much weight he's lost at home, the workout he depends on and his advice to others in his position.

Slideshow: James Crutchfield's Biggest Loser Journey

Biggest Loser Premiere Recap with Amanda Arlauskas - Season eight finalist Amanda is joining us for season nine and starts by recapping all the highlights from season nine's first episode.

Meet the Season Nine Contestants - Twenty-two people making up 11 teams weigh-in as the heaviest season yet on Biggest Loser. Get to know more about each of them!

Poll: Who Will Win Biggest Loser Season 9?

Interview with Ali Vincent, Author of Believe It, Be It - The first female Biggest Loser released her first book and speaks with us about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Biggest Loser New Year's Detox - Alison Sweeney and other Biggest Loser alumni are participating in a restricted diet detox to jump start the year.

Slideshow: Biggest Loser 8 Finale - Take a look back at the just-wrapped season eight, including Danny Cahill's big win, Antoine's proposal and Shay's weight loss challenge.

Biggest Loser Recipe: Fennel and Clam Soup - This flavorful recipe by Chef Curtis Stone is the perfect way to take the chill off a winter day.

Biggest Loser Season 9 Weight Chart

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