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CRY of the WEEK

Stacey gave us two good cries this week. The first was her disappointment in returning only to see how the negativity and game play have consumed the house. The second was after she narrowly missed returning to the house by 13 steps, and then said she felt "more important tonight than ever before in my life."


Blue team. We swear we're not picking on them, but their behavior after Phil's elimination and then again once he returned to the house was not in line with the typically uplifting spirit of the Biggest Loser campus.


“I think everyone should be afraid of me.” Stacey, during her attempted come-back.

Biggest Loser Recipes

Barbecue Pork Sandwich

Barbecue Pork Sandwich

Biggest Loser slow cooks a family favorite. This recipe has very little prep time, but cooks for about an hour. The tender meat and savory flavor are worth every minute. 316 Calories, 28g Protein


Biggest Loser Reviews

Interested in playing the home-version of Biggest Loser? It's easy with the many products and programs created by the show and its trainers. Get a first look with these reviews.



Eliminated Week 8: Brady Vilcan

In a vote decided by Amy C., Brady left the Biggest Loser house during a dramatic week 8 episode. Until Ed's return he was the husband in the only remaining married team, as well as the only man left in the house, making him a significant contender and a target. Since returning home, Brady boasts about the changes he's influencing in his children's lives and has been able to drop more than 100 pounds.

Brady was unavailable for an interview, but you can check out his bio to learn more.

Bernie's Episode Recap: Week 8

"Episode 8 was packed with so much drama and nail biting twists that I actually found myself covering my eyes and all-out screaming at my TV at some points. This undoubtedly had to be the most action-packed episodes to date."

Watch Bernie's Commentary.

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