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Eliminated Week 4 - Julio Gomez Mike Morelli's 8.4 Recap - Mike calls Daniel's zero-pound weight loss a smart game-play move and says that's exactly what that was. Plus, he sees the positive in the kitchen lock-down.

Interview with Julio Gomez - Eliminated Week 4 - The newest eliminated contestant shares with us how his experiences at the ranch translated to a complete transformation at home.

Biggest Loser Complete Calorie Counter Book - Coleen Skeabeck shows just how handy the book is that Jillian was insistent on the players using.

Biggest Loser Resort - Newly opened in southern Utah, this exclusive weight loss destination offers the same structured diet and fitness program, without the cameras.

Biggest Loser Wii Game - Just released yesterday, you can compete against some of your favorite contestants while training with Bob and Jillian.

Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2010 - A thorough update to last year's Wii game is available for the Nintendo Wii and DS, you'll train alongside Jillian in an intense bootcamp.

Biggest Loser Recipe: Chef Rocco's Apple Crumble - Take advantage of the fresh, seasonal apples with this healthier alternative to apple pie.

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Week Four Brita / FilterForGood Winner: Shauntell Smith will receive a Brita pitcher and FilterForGood Nalgene bottle!

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