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Helen Phillips

Coleen and Brandi were live from the Biggest Loser 7 finale. Check out all of their video interviews with the winners and contestants.

Helen Phillips — Biggest Loser 7 Winner

Jerry Hayes — Biggest Loser 7 At-Home Winner

Mike Morelli — Biggest Loser 2nd Place

Tara Costa — Biggest Loser 3rd Place

Contestant and Cast Interviews — Hear a few final thoughts from Alison, Trainer Bob, The Tongan Cousins, and more.

Biggest Loser Season 9 Now Casting — The casting doors are open. Will you be next?

Biggest Loser 7 Finale Recap — Coleen wraps one of Biggest Loser's most exciting seasons yet!

Biggest Loser 7 Finale Photo Album — See pictures of Coleen and Brandi with current and former contestants in LA.

Biggest Loser Recipes — Dozens of recipes from the Biggest Loser to help you start living the lifestyle at home.

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