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CRY of the WEEK

Each contestant on Jillian's black team had an emotional reaction to the letters from home they received this week.


It's anyone's guess in that heated exchange between Jillian and Laura. Did Jillian fail Laura as a trainer, or did Laura fail her team? Let us know. Watch Jillian's Wrath on Laura.


“Having 11 fat people in a small, little kitchen... that doesn't exactly go very well!” - Mandi, while cooking with Rocco.

Chef Rocco's Recipes for Fast-Food Alternatives

Chef Rocco's Recipes for Fast-Food Alternatives

After giving the contestants some heavy stats on their former favorite fast-food menu items, like 1570mg sodium in a slice of pizza or 46g fat in a stuffed burrito, Rocco challenged them to make variations that were healthier and still tasty. He even offered some of his own versions. Get Rocco's recipes for a whole wheat pizza, "fried" chicken, burgers with sweet potato fries and turkey corn tacos.


Biggest Loser Reviews

Interested in playing the home-version of Biggest Loser? It's easy with the many products and programs created by the show and its trainers. Get a first look with these reviews.



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Extra Gum Giveaway

We're giving away our last stack of Extra Sugar-Free gum this Monday, 3/9. Don't miss your chance to be one of five people to receive 20 packs of this juicy, five calorie snack. If you haven't already, sign-up for MyDIR and complete your profile today to be eligible for this and future weekly giveaways.

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Coleen's Week 9 Recap

"The players weigh-in one-by-one leaving us with one player, Mike. Mike needs to have lost 10 or more pounds to keep both blue and black teams safe, but tonight we are left biting our nails as the show ends in a cliffhanger! Tune in next week to see what happens!"

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