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CRY of the WEEK

Watching the video montages of each contestant's journey from day one on the ranch through their final weigh-in.


Floor wax. Heba and Vicky slid out on to the stage and delicately caught their balance on the over-waxed stage floor.


“Of the millions who voted, it was a landslide; 84% of America chose Ed.” Alison announcing America's choice for third finalist.

Chef Rocco

Biggest Loser Recipes Collection

We have nearly three dozen recipes from the Biggest Loser, Chef Rocco and trainer Jillian Michaels, available to make your next meal a healthy and delicious one. Whether you need an inventive new side dish, or want to make your holiday meal a little lighter, you'll find just what you're looking for.


Biggest Loser Reviews

Interested in playing the home-version of Biggest Loser? It's easy with the many products and programs created by the show and its trainers. Get a first look with these reviews.



Michelle Aguilar, Biggest Loser 6 Winner

Bernie interviewed Michelle just moments after she won the sixth season of Biggest Loser. She lost 110 pounds, for a total percentage loss of 45.45. Michelle was the last remaining member of Jillian's black team, and beat out Vicky and Ed in the final weigh in.

Watch Michelle's interview

Heba Salama Wins Season 6 At-Home

While Heba wasn't selected to compete as a finalist, she did out play all of her at-home competition and became the first female at-home Biggest Loser. Heba lost a total of 138 pounds, for a total loss of 46.94 percent. She talks to fellow at-home winner, Bernie Salazar, live from the finale stage.

Watch the interview

Bernie's Finale Recap

Bernie was live at the Biggest Loser finale sporting a new mohawk (courtesy of Brittany) and with the new winners and fellow Biggest Loser alum at his side. Catch his on-stage recap of the season that brought our second female winner.

Watch Bernie's commentary now.

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