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Issue # 10.5 - Eliminated Week 5 - Rick de Roque

Rick de Roque's Elimination Interview - After an elimination that left him blindsided, Rick has gone home to lose a total of 120 pounds. Find out how routine, diet and exercise keep him on track.

Rick's Biggest Loser Slideshow

Shay's Week 5 Recap - She's got no patience for the game players and talks about the one thing in this episode that makes her yell at the TV!

Jillian Michaels Ultimate Shake - The trainer is at it again with a new protein product for your on-the-go lifestyle.

A New Mom's Date Night in Biggest Loser Body Support Wear - Our editor tried it before you can buy it! Take a look at the new line of clothes from BL Body, including their slimming support capri.

Meet Anna Wright! Get to know the game's newest player with a look at her slideshow.

6 New Pumpkin Recipes for Fall - The Biggest Loser Resort's dietitian has some really surprising ways to use pumpkin puree to enjoy the best flavor of the season in a healthy way.

Biggest Loser Recipe - Apple Crumble - Chef Rocco's recipe is the perfect way to enjoy this fall favorite for only 120 calories.

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