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Season 10 Premiere Recap

Shay's Premiere Recap - You'll see it exclusively at! Each week Shay shares the highlights of the newest episode along with her insights.

Meet the Biggest Loser 10 Contestants - Learn more about the newest contestants going head-to-head with Bob and Jillian!

Biggest Loser Meal Delivery Plan Review - Now provided by eDiets, you can eat like a Biggest Loser at home.

My Trainer Bob vs. Jillian Michaels Online - They each have their own online weight loss program. Which is right for you?

Biggest Loser Casting for Season 11 - Think you've got what it takes to make it to the ranch? Now is your chance to earn a spot.

Quinoa and Turkey Lettuce Wraps from the Biggest Loser Resort - Rich in healthy proteins, you'll feel full and satisfied after this flavorful meal perfect for dinner or as a leftover lunch.

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