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Vegetarian Awareness Month

Vegetarian Awareness Month

October is responsible for promoting a lot of awareness. While everyone is blushing pink to raise awareness about breast cancer, we also wanted to turn a little green and talk about vegetarianism. People choose this lifestyle for varied reasons - some for health, some for animal rights, and some because they just don't like meat. Whatever the reason, they are sure to benefit from the many ways in which vegetarianism positively influences our health. Vegetarians enjoy longer lives, better cardiovascular health, save money, lose weight and even protect the earth.

Learn more about a vegetarian lifestyle and consider giving it a try for yourself during Vegetarian Awareness Month.

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Slow-Cooker Mexican Style Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

This is the type of meal that everyone will devour and never realize it's meatless. Perfect for warming up a cool evening, these stuffed peppers, from the Whole Foods Diet Cookbook, are sure to become a favorite.

Pumpkin Biscotti

Pumpkin Biscotti

A seasonal treat that boasts two cookies for an 80-calorie serving. Makes a delicious homemade snack for yourself or to share with friends.

Find nearly 2,000 more healthy recipes.

Diet Reviews

We have more than 1300 reviews published, with several specifically promoting a vegetarian lifestyle. Whether trying to get started, better understand the benefits or expand on your existing vegetarianism, these are ideal sources.

Identify the right diet for you using our Diet Finder. It's free and takes just a couple minutes.


Blogs Against Breast Cancer 2010

blogs against breast cancer

It's time for our 3rd annual Blogs Against Breast Cancer fundraiser! All you have to do is put the "My Blog Cares" badge on your site, let us know, and we'll donate $5 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Help us meet our donation goal of $500.

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Pumpkin Biscotti

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Sign up today for our weekly Biggest Loser Newsletter to be eligible to win a four-pack of the Biggest Loser trainer's new fitness DVD series. He credits a vegetarian diet with his overall health and fitness.

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Featured Video: How to be a Vegetarian

Learn the basics of a vegetarian diet and how you can adopt this lifestyle for yourself.

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