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February is American Heart Month

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. That's more than cancer and many other diseases. What's even more shocking is that it can be entirely preventable in many cases. American Heart Month encourages all of us to take a second look at our health and our lifestyles and find simple ways that we can reduce our risk and prevent this deadly disease.

To help, we're featuring informative articles all month that educate you on the ways in which you can lead a more heart-healthy life. Often, when diet, exercise and weight are managed properly, you'll greatly reduce your risk.

Learn more and start making heart-healthy choices for yourself.

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Red Curry Quinoa

Red Curry Quinoa

One heart-healthy food you should add to your diet is quinoa, and a bold, flavorful way to do so is with this Thai-inspired recipe. Including red curry, mango, cashews and a vegetable stir-fry, this makes a hearty entree or side.

Grilled Sesame Salmon

Grilled Sesame Salmon

Salmon is another food that boasts a wealth of health benefits, including those for your heart. Adding a meal like this to your home cooked menu once a week will be a healthy choice that becomes a fast family favorite.

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Featured Video: Jamie Oliver's TED Speech on Childhood Obesity

In a very frank speech, the chef delivers a do-or-die message regarding the obesity and childhood obesity epidemics plaguing the U.S.

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