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Making Room for the Men

This Sunday, as you’re celebrating Father’s Day with the important men in your life, what do you plan on serving? Consider giving your father the gift of health with a nutritious meal low in fat and calories. With 71% of American men classified as overweight (BMI 30+) and 31% classified as obese (BMI 40+), it’s time we stopped looking at healthy living and weight loss as something that belongs to the girls’ club. Obesity in men can be linked to prostate cancer, sleep apnea, heart attacks, diabetes and even affect their sex life. It’s important to give the fathers, grandfathers, husbands, sons and brothers in your life that encouraging nudge to make healthy lifestyle changes, so that you’ll have them for many more celebrations.

Diets for Dear Old Dad

Men don’t like the word diet, it feels feminine, but they do like the idea of not carrying around extra weight in their mid section. If you’re a guy looking for a weight loss plan that keeps your masculinity in mind, or a female loved one trying to help out your guy, check out these man-focused programs. Best of all, they’re all quite affordable and managed online.

Weight Watchers for Men

Weight Watchers for Men

It’s one of the most trusted names in weight loss, and for good reason, it works. The simplicity of counting points, the flexibility of eating nearly anything you want, even pizza, beer and burgers, makes Weight Watchers for Men a program that truly gets how to help men lose weight. The entire program can be managed online, where you’ll also access expert fitness guidance, a library of recipes and best of all, anonymity.

The Abs Diet Online

The Abs Diet Online

From the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health Magazine, comes a smart and fairly easy plan to get in what might be the best shape of your life. With a list of daily must-eat foods like lean proteins, green vegetables, whole grain breads and nuts, it will likely only mean small adjustments to your current diet. You’ll receive guidance for weight training, concentrating on the main muscle groups and adding light cardio to the mix. Best of all, it’s all managed conveniently online, from anywhere you are.

Men’s Health Personal Trainer

Men’s Health Personal Trainer

Your online account will help you manage your weight loss progress as you work toward looking like the guys on the magazine cover. It’s an effective way to shed fat, build lean muscle mass and help you lead a healthier life. You’ll have access to custom menu planners, visit with a personal trainer to build your own workout regimen and even discuss questions and successes in the forums.


You can find hundreds of free recipes at that complement your Weight Watchers, Diabetic or Low-Carb/Atkins Diet. Recipes like the following don’t make you sacrifice flavor for your diet’s sake.

Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie

Having more antioxidants than any other fruit, there are also a lot of vitamins and fiber packed into these juicy little berries. Blend this super food with low-fat yogurt, honey and more for a summer treat that’s perfect as a meal or snack. 4 WW Points, 214 Calories

Fusilli Salad

Fusilli Salad Give your stove a night off on those hot summer nights. This chilled salad is simple to prepare and will let you take advantage of that fresh produce gathered at the farmer’s market. Serve as a side or the main entree. 8 WW Points, 370 Calories

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Matt’s Fitness Tip


10 Ways to Enjoy a Stress-Free Father’s Day
Stress is described as a bodily reaction to any kind of demand, either good or bad, and it can be as dangerous to our health as obesity. It is how we handle these situations that make our lives stressful or stress-free. Here are a few helpful ideas to make your Father?s Day a good one.

  1. Sleep in
  2. Work out
  3. Cook out
  4. Take the family to the park
  5. Go for a walk
  6. Go to church
  7. Listen to music on the porch or in a relaxing spot
  8. Play cards or a board game
  9. Read
  10. Write in a journal

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