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How to Meet Your Weight Loss Resolutions

Happy new year! Out with the old and in with the new, and for many of you, that means New Year's resolutions. Weight-related resolutions are by far the most common, as it's the one thing all of us perpetually strive to get under control. There's no reason that this year can't be the last time you ever make a weight loss resolution.

We want to help you to find success this year. That's why we've put together a collection of articles that will help a beginner get started in the right direction, or even help refresh the memories of someone who has tried before.

Commit to make this your year, and this time next year, maybe you can resolve to do something completely different!


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Tomato Pesto Soup

Tomato Pesto Soup

A simple recipe with a robust flavor, you're sure to stay warm and satisfied after a bowl of this. Made with fresh tomatoes and homemade pesto, you'll be amazed that something so good has only 61 calories!

Parmesan Pepper Sweet Potato Fries

Parmesan Pepper Sweet Potato Fries

Introducing variations on common vegetables is a sure-fire way to get your family to increase their consumption. These baked sweet potato fries make a great side dish, and you'll love the flavor kick from the cayenne pepper and Parmesan cheese.

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Biggest Loser 9 Premiere

Don't miss the premiere of the new Biggest Loser season nine, with the heaviest cast yet, Tuesday, January 5 on NBC. Michael Ventrella weighs in at 526 pounds, and one team of twin brothers weighs in at just under a half-ton. will have recaps all season featuring Amanda Arlauskas, a finalist from Biggest Loser 8, as well as weekly eliminated contestant interviews, and much more!

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