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How to Dine Out

How to Dine Out

One of America's favorite past times is dining out. It serves so many needs - it satisfies our hunger, provides a social outlet, allows for relaxed business meetings, and can be the backdrop for a number of celebrations. Dining out as an occasional treat can be just that, a treat, and isn't likely to wreck any diet plans. But if most of your meals during the week are delivered by a waitress, and you've forgotten where your kitchen's stove is, then we have some pertinent advice for you.

Our resident natural health counselor, Amy Vermeer, recently put together a series focused on making the most of your dining experience. In each article you'll find practical tips for making wiser choices when ordering from a menu, as well as recipes for restaurant favorites you can prepare at home.

How to Dine Out: Thai Food
How to Dine Out: Pub Food
How to Dine Out: Italian Food
How to Dine Out: Chinese Food
How to Dine Out: Mexican Food

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