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Healthy Pregnancy Week

Healthy Pregnancy Week

This week at we're focusing on pregnancy. We've invited a variety of people, all with a different perspective on pregnancy health, weight gain and weight loss, to share their insights for helping moms-to-be live their healthiest nine months for themselves and their babies. Practicing healthy habits today will mean a healthier pregnancy, healthier baby, and make it easier to lose the weight after baby. So far this week, you can read:

Look forward to more posts from dads discussing the "daddy baby bulge," how better health leads to better fertility, tips about post-baby weight loss, and more!

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Healthy Tuna Salad

Healthy Tuna Salad

Our dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield shares a recipe for tuna salad that cuts the fat and calories, making this a truly nutritious lunch, dinner or even snack. Dijon mustard, pickle relish and her secret ingredient (Greek yogurt!) make this a flavorful wrap or sandwich. 104 Calories, 1.4g Fat, 18.1g Protein



Remind yourself what splurging tastes like with this classic cheesecake recipe. Made with lighter ingredients, you can enjoy dessert without the guilt. Top with fresh berries to really sweeten the deal. 148.3 Calories, 4g Fat, 3.1g Protein

Diet Reviews

Now with more than 800 published diet reviews, is your leading resource for clearing the diet and weight loss noise. We invite you to share your positive and negative experiences with a diet program or supplement in our message boards, or drop by to learn about the newest weight loss approach to hit the market. Here are some of the newest reviews:

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The Green Pregnancy Diet Giveaway

Leave a comment on any of our Healthy Pregnancy Week blog posts and you're eligible to win a copy of The Green Pregnancy Diet.
It's a vegetarian approach to clean eating while pregnant. You'll learn how to choose and cook foods that are healthy, non-toxic and chemical-free while also giving into those midnight cravings.

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If you're looking for a way to mix-up the nutritious, yummy snacks you feed yourself and your family, then we've got a treat for you. These sweet and crunchy dried fruit snacks are free of preservatives, fat and sodium. Most flavors have no added sugar.

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Featured Video

Momversation: Losing the Baby Weight
Several moms from the blogosphere join a conversation about how they faced losing weight after pregnancy.

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