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Bob Harper

Meet Tricia Cunningham, author of The Reverse Diet

Nearly ten years ago Tricia Cunningham was pushing 300 pounds. One day the busy mom of two decided to start having dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, and reversed her lifelong battle with her weight. She's maintained her 170 pound weight loss for the past eight years, and is now passionate about introducing her plan to others.

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Holiday Shopping Guides

Fitness expert Matt Johnson has put together a couple holiday gift guides featuring some of best fitness gadgets and tools to help your loved ones get or stay fit in the new year.

Top Fitness Gifts for the Holidays
Top 4 Treadmills for the Money


Crusty Chicken Pot Pie

Crusty Chicken Pot Pie

Cozy up to one of winter's favorite comfort foods. This chicken pot pie has a homemade crust and is filled with lean chicken breast, veggies and spices. 244 Calories, 4.6g Fat, 5g Fiber, 4 WW Points

Cranberry Cosmo

Cranberry Cosmo

Kick your holiday celebrations into gear with this sweet and tart little cocktail. It will match your decor and put everyone in a festive mood. 131 Calories, 0g Fat, 1g Fiber, 2 WW Points


Kinsey’s Nutrition Tips

Keeping Healthy in the Winter.

People say they gain so much weight during the holidays. This is a combo of snacking on everyone’s baked goodies and limiting your workout routines. If you can think about each bite of food/junk you eat as an extra half mile you need to walk/run, you’ll be amazed at the appeal for that food vanishes. Can’t avoid temptation? Try the one bite ruleā€¦ only take one bite and give the rest to someone else.

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December Featured Guest Blogger: Jenny Craig

Molly Wangsgaard, corporate dietitian for Jenny Craig, will be in the Diet Blog each Tuesday in December to help us manage our weight through the holidays and prepare to start the new year with our healthiest foot forward.

Her first post, Have Yourself a Healthy Little Holiday, offers four suggestions for successfully navigating the season.

December Giveaway: The Wall Street Diet

We're giving away two copies of The Wall Street Diet and reusable grocery bags this month, and it's easy for you to enter the drawing! Current subscribers should send an email, and your friends are eligible by signing-up for the newsletter.

The book was written by a dietitian to share the effective weight loss plan she created to fit the hectic lifestyles of her high-powered Wall Street clientele. We know you're just as busy, which is why Heather Bauer's plan could work for you too.

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Diet Reviews

These are just some of the newest reviews to join the nearly 600 Diet Reviews on the site. Check the home page daily to see which reviews have been added most recently.

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