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Candidate Home Recipes

Obama and McCain both appear to know their way around the kitchen, and proved the point by sharing their own personal recipes. Very soon, we'll know if Obama's chili or McCain's ribs will be filling with White House with their tempting aromas.

Barack Obama Chili

Barack Obama Chili

Use ground turkey or lean ground beef, a lot of seasoning and fresh vegetables to create a hearty and satisfying chili.

John McCain Rib Rub

John McCain Rib Rub

A simple recipe using garlic powder, salt, pepper and lemons. Rub down a rack of ribs and let the seasonings bring out a savory flavor.


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Candidate Diet and Health News


Food Network recently created two sandwich recipes, named for both the Democratic nominee and the Republican nominee. We didn't think either were incredibly healthy, but found a few ways to trim fat and calories from each. We were not, however, able trim the fat from their speeches.

Barack Obama Pizza Burger

Barack Obama Pizza Burger

Black angus beef topped with marinara, mozzarella cheese and basil on a ciabatta roll.

John McCain Chicken Queso Burger

John McCain Chicken Queso Burger

A grilled chicken breast marinated in citrus and chili powder, served on a roll with avocado, salsa and pepper jack cheese.

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