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The Cost of Losing 20 Pounds

Price of Weight LossThere are many factors that go into choosing to sign up for a diet plan, and cost is one of the most carefully considered. Jeanne Lee for CBS MoneyWatch takes a look at this question from a unique perspective: the cost to lose 20 pounds. She calculates the cost per pound lost for eighth different popular weight-loss systems. Most of these diets are meal delivery services that provide balanced, portion controlled foods. On the other hand, Weight Watchers and eDiets are support-only programs provide the customer with tips, goals and meal plans, but not food. These support-based programs are far cheaper per pound lost, but some may find them hard to follow.

In the end, the diet program that’s the best investment is the one that helps you lead a healthier lifestyle and see long-term results. MoneyWatch recommends the diets with proven track records and economical fees.

Flip through this slide show to compare the costs of Medifast, In the Zone Delivery, eDiets, Bistro MD, Weight Watchers, Nurtisystem, Jenny Craig and South Beach Online.

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The Price of Losing 30 Pounds

diet budgetJust because you want to lose weight, doesn’t mean your budget has to go along for the ride. More and more studies suggest Americans are continuing to get heavier, while our obsession with losing weight continues to feed a $30 billion industry. The tried-and-true diet and exercise approach proves to continually be the most effective for weight loss, but millions still seek the support and expertise that comes with a paid diet program. MSN took a look at Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig and Zone Delivery and broke out the price you’ll pay to lose 30 pounds on each.

Weight Watchers

  • Registration $15-$20; Weekly Meetings $10-$15; Online $46.90 first month and $16.95 thereafter
  • Average loss of 1-2 pounds/week
  • 20 weeks to lose 30 pounds
  • Investment: Meetings $214.80 to $299.80; Online $97.75 (more…)

One Strange Celeb-Bashing Diet Promotion

zone delivery dietIf there’s any doubt as to why the traditional print tabloids are taking a slow nosedive into oblivion, let’s set things straight. We live in an era when tabloid thinking permeates every fiber of our society. Everyone has their hand in the till. The National Enquirer is only one outlet in a sea of gossip sources, most of which are free!

The tabloid culture has become so pervasive, that even non-media companies are getting involved in the mudslinging. Take the Zone Delivery Diet, who thought that it made sense to point out famous people’s weight issues in order to promote their food delivery service.


That’s what I said too. It’s such a strange and crude non-sequitur marketing approach. It’s basically saying “Hey, look at the imperfect celebrities, try our diet products.” Does that make any linear sense? (more…)