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Recipe Search Engine Yummly Changes the Way We Search for Food

Picture this: A picky eater at a restaurant, perusing the menu for something specific (obviously not a man). Something salty but not too salty. It should have some serious kick. And a side of something sweet sounds good, too. But she sees no options in sight.

Then, out of nowhere, a helpful waitress sits down beside her and listens to her requests. She scribbles something down on her notepad, disappears to the back, and returns moments later with the guest’s plate. And? It’s exactly what she wanted.

This obviously doesn’t happen in real life. (Trust me, I used to be a waitress. Mind reading was not one of my services). But what if it happened online when you were looking for recipes? Well in a sense, that’s exactly what Yummly does.

Yummly is a new recipe search engine utilizing some of the web’s best food blogs and recipe sites to bring exactly what you’re looking for right to your food-hungry fingertips, almost effortlessly. (more…)