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Youble Offers a Solution for Those Who Can’t Make it to the Gym

Getting to your favorite classes at the gym isn’t always easy, and you may have bought some home workout videos for the days getting to the gym is as possible as getting your child to do their chores. Yet, after a while those workout videos begin to collect dust because you can’t bare the thought of doing the exact same routine one more time. So what do you do?

Realizing this is an issue, Yu Hannah Kim helped co-found and is president of Youble.com. The website was created based on Kim’s belief that high quality fitness training should be available to everyone at their convenience.

It offers over 10 different classes including Balletone, a registered trademark that is a fusion of fitness, ballet and yoga sequences ending with barre and stretching. It is designed to build strength and balance. All of the classes are thirty minutes in length except for the 15 minute core class.