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Victoria Beckham Uses Yogalosophy to Lose Pregnancy Weight

It has been revealed that Victoria Beckham has decided to lose her baby weight by adopting the practices of Yogalosophy. Beckham is determined to be a size eight by New York Fashion Week starting September 8th and has already started exercising at home just over a month after giving birth to baby girl Harper Seven.

Yogalosophy is a hybrid yoga program that combines toning exercises with yoga asanas, or postures, which gives you a sleek, toned look all over your body as well as a calm mind. Mandy Ingber, celebrity trainer and the woman responsible for Jennifer Aniston‘s flawless body, created Yogalosophy. Aniston has often talked about her dedication to a healthy lifestyle and has been working with Ingber for over ten years.

The good news for non-A-listers out there is that Ingber’s unique style of yoga is available on DVD for at-home use. The DVD provides instructions on how to perform each move and lose weight by following along with each challenging routine. The routines in the DVD consist of two 30-minute and one 55-minute workout. The program also gives advice to viewers on how to achieve inner peace and calm in addition to giving a great workout. Ingber is there every step of the way with encouraging words of wisdom both on the DVD and on her website which is updated frequently with “intentions of the month.”


Google Maps Gives Cyclists Their Own Directions

Take that old Schwinn out of the garage and wipe off the dust. In addition to walking and driving directions, Google maps also has biking directions.

Many people prefer biking to work or school to help the environment, save money, or just enjoy nature. So due to popular demand, Google maps introduced biking directions in March 2010 so that cyclists could more efficiently map out bike trips. The bike directions allow a user to personalize their trips, find bike lanes, and avoid big hills and major traffic zones. Google maps provides a useful tool for those who want to stake out the best routes and get reacquainted with a heart healthy childhood pastime.

In order to find bike trails in your town, type in the city on Google maps. Once you have found the correct city and zoomed in, click “more” on the options at the top of the map. The drag down list includes a “bicycling” option. Once you have selected the bicycling feature, the city map will now include dark green lines which indicate a bike-only trail, light green lines which indicate a bike lane on a road, and dashed green lines which indicate a road is designated as preferred for cyclists but without the specific bike lane.


Why Fatty Foods Boost Moods

Warm bread fresh out of the oven, mom’s homemade spaghetti, and chocolate chip cookies could make anyone have a good day. While it’s no mystery that fatty or sugary foods can alleviate just about any bad mood, hardly anyone questions why while reaching for that next Oreo.

Dr. Lukas Van Oudenhove’s study at the University of Leuven in Belgium discovers that the fatty acids in comfort food may be what is making us so happy when we’re consuming junk food. The study examined 12 non-obese volunteers the morning after a 12-hour fast. The volunteers were hooked up to a gastric feeding tube that gave either saline solution or fatty acid and their brain activity was recorded during a 40 minute fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) scan.

Before the participants were given either the saline or fatty acid, the researchers played sad classical music and displayed sad faces on a screen. The results of the study were that the participants who were given the fatty acid were 50 percent less sad than those given the saline solution.

Dr. Lukas Van Oudenhove and his team proved that the fatty acids in comfort foods were able to give the participants the same feeling without the visual and oral stimulation of eating the food.


Menstrual Cycle Does not Slow Athletes Down. Period.

All women dread that certain time of the month. Many women feel like crawling into bed and not speaking to anyone for a week, let alone do any kind of physical activity. So how do female athletes play under the pain and suffering of their cycles and does it affect their performance at all?

A New York Times article discusses how or if the menstrual cycle affects the athleticism of female athletes. Because women have not been participating in athletic events for very long, the research on female athletics is still in its infancy.

A study researching female rowers in Europe found that they measured the same in strength, endurance, and overall fitness in every point of their cycles. Some of the women were on birth control, which affects the production of estrogen, and some were not. Some of the women were professional athletes and others were not. Each woman could perform the same whether she was ovulating, menstruating or somewhere in between.


5 Steps to Get You Slim in 5 Days

Holly Perkins is the New Balance Fitness Ambassador and an Exercise TV Trainer. She holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from Penn State University and has worked with Adrian Grenier, Howard Stern and a Presidential Candidate. Holly’s advice can been seen in many national publications and websites.

In addition to being the New Balance Fitness Ambassador, I am a personal trainer most days of the week. While my clients come in all shapes and sizes, and have varied fitness goals, there is one request that I hear regularly: “I need to get in shape fast for a big event this weekend!” I get asked this so often that I’ve developed my special recipe for success. After 16 years in the fitness industry and many hours working with celebrities, models, and athletes, I’ve developed 5 steps to get you slim in 5 days. Keep in mind that these 5 steps will make you slimmer and lean quickly, but the results aren’t completely fat loss. A 1-3 pound water loss with these steps is expected. If you lose more weight than that, you can know for sure it’s real fat loss!


Moms Get Fit with an NFL Quarterback Workout

The quarterback is one of the most important positions on a football team, not at all unlike the a mom in family. Like a quarterback she is tasked with running the offense and she calls plays (“pick up your toys!”), keeps the offense in line (assigned seats at the dinner table to avoid bickering), reads through the defense (those manipulative little smiles), and adjusts the plays accordingly (reverse psychology!). Because a QB’s job is never done, and neither is a mom’s with 3a.m. bedside visits, he has to be in tip-top shape to perform every play; as well, the mother needs to be in tip-top shape to keep up with the demands of her job.

Moms certainly deserve seven-figure salaries like professional football players, however, most 
accept payment via wilted flowers and hand-drawn family

Since healthy moms are happy moms, not to mention even 
stronger role models for their little ones, we want to help you stay fit like the QBs you resemble. Below is a sample fitness plan for a typical NFL quarterback. You already run around like one, now you can get fit like one.

Try the NFL Quarterback Training Program:


Add Chains to Your Workout Like a NFL Player

My Colts may be out of the playoffs, but I will still be logging several hours in front of the television, watching other NFL athletes. (Go Bears!) The serious athletes who are finished for the season are probably already thinking about off-season workouts. Rest is important in growth (and to recover from injuries), but too much rest brings atrophy. A strong off season workout program can prepare a player to prevent unneeded stress and strain when other heavyweights are aiming to slam into you. The athleticism, strength, and endurance of professional football players is impressive to me, and I think we can learn from their training how to reach our own personal potential.

Dwight Freeney works out with tractor tires and chains. If you are living on a farm, you may be able to emulate his workout, although probably not his skill on the football field. Those of us in less rural areas may have difficulty finding the space to workout with tractor tires. Even those confined to a studio apartment have room to add chains to a home workout. While good resistance bands may be difficult to come by, especially in less urban areas, chains can be found easily in rural areas or any where with a Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards.


Women Who Workout Young Gain Less Weight Later in Life

Men are notorious for being able to lose weight faster and usually more easily than women, but in the gender weight-loss battle, women may have a new secret weapon: workouts!

According to new research in the December issues of the Journal of the American Medical Association, when people engage in moderate to vigorous activity nearly every day of the week as young adults, they gain significantly less weight by middle age. While this was true in both men and women, women seem to be more affected by the young-adult activity.

To be considered “high-activity,” men and women had to get 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity a week. This included traditional exercise such as group exercise and walking, along with recreational and household activities like basketball, housework or construction work. It’s important to note that those who got less-intense exercise didn’t see any difference in their weight later in life.


Pull-ups are Taken to a New Level on Scaffolding Bars in New York City

Many believe the pull-up to be a sign of true athletic ability. Adding pull-ups to your training regimen doesn’t involve any fancy equipment because they use your own body weight for resistance. Brothers Danny and Al Kavadlo take the traditional pull-up to a whole new level in this short video promoting non-gym exercise.

It’s clear that pull-ups work out the biceps and triceps, but did you know that they also condition the shoulder, back and abdominal muscles? Regular pull-ups (you know, the kind that don’t involve circus theatrics!) can be extremely difficult, but the physical benefits far outweigh the challenge. Benefits include: (more…)

Pack Your Gym Bag for Your Best Workout

Gym bagUse this handy check-list to make sure you’ve got all the gear you need to have a productive workout.

The right bag
Choose a gym bag that isn’t so big that it feels like a burden, but is roomy enough to stash all your gear. I like a bag that has lots of compartments, like the Live Well 360 Fitness bag. It has pockets for shoes, keys and cards.

Workout Clothes
You don’t want to be fussing with your clothes during your workout, so pick things that are comfortable and let you move freely. I like to work out in yoga pants and a tank top.

Extra Socks

It’s always nice to have a backup pair.

Many gyms require the use of shoes that haven’t been worn on the street, to keep their equipment clean.