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Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Fourth of July Workout Mix

Is the 4th of July a chance to celebrate all that is great about America or is it just time to overindulge on hot dogs and apple pie? That depends on who you talk to, and heck, many will take part in both.

When I started to think about what songs would work in a 4th of July workout mix, I was a little stumped, mainly because I just don’t care for modern patriotic songs. They just tend to be ham-fisted and goofy (“Iraq and Roll,” anyone?).

Since traditional patriotic songs don’t make the best workout music, I thought I would put together a list of song dedicated to various states (and cities) in the Union. Happy Fourth, and remember, it’s okay to indulge a little, just get back on your horse the next day: (more…)

Music Tempo Key to Successful Cardio Routine

Research has shown that listening to music while you exercise improves performance. As for me, I didn’t need research, I know from firsthand experience. I don’t know what I’d do without music while on the treadmill.

Music acts as a motivator, but it also distracts you from negative thoughts associated with fatigue or any insecurities or inadequacies that may creep up into your mind.

While I can be motivated by nearly any tempo if the music is right, research shows that fast paced music, ideally music with a BPM (Beats Per Minute) of between 120 and 140, is ideal for a cardio workout.

That pace also just so happens to be about what the average person’s heart rate is during a normal workout. (more…)

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: The Blues Workout Mix

Buddy Guy

Who would have thought that the blues and working out could be used in the same sentence? Well, if you choose your songs wisely, the blues can make for a good workout mix! While a lot of blues music can be somber, much of it is uplifting as well. Think of it as a liberating way of exercising your ghosts.

So without further adieu, let’s start singing the blues. Here is a nice little upbeat list of blues songs to take on your next run or brisk walk. (more…)

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: The Exercise High Mix

If you’re just a beginner at exercise, it can be rough trying to muster up your motivation. However, once you start doing it, you will feel firsthand the natural high that you experience after a workout.

That “high” you are experiencing is very real. You see, when you exercise your body releases endorphins which are responsible for that mood-boosting feeling you get. It also reduces cortisol levels, a stress hormone.

I know how tough it can get to motivate yourself when you’re just starting out, but once you get a few exercise sessions under your belt and experience how great you feel afterward, it not only gets easier, but you crave it as well.

Until that time comes, here is a little extra motivation in the form of an upbeat workout mix: (more…)

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: The Steady Electronic Beat Mix

When it comes to getting in a good cardio workout, whether it’s on a treadmill or out in the great outdoors, it’s nearly impossible for me to imagine doing it without the inspirational power of music. Besides inspiring me to keep going I get tend to get lost in the songs and forget that I’m actually working out.

While I can be inspired by all kinds of music, sometimes I really enjoy the steady pulse of electronic-based music to keep me in step. Here is a selection of current artists who take a bit from the past and make it their own.

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: A Steady Beat Mix (more…)

Workout Playlist of the Week: The Voice

I’m not a big fan of American Idol. If I happen to catch the first few episodes of a season, I enjoy seeing some of the crackpots, but all in all, I just don’t care for the concept of manufacturing pop stars.

But when I heard about this new show called The Voice, the concept intrigued me a bit. Turning your back on the contestants and just going on their voice is at least on the surface interesting enough to make me want to see what it’s all about.

This Tuesday, April 26, The Voice premieres on NBC. There are four celebrity “coaches” on the show, not judges, who will help contestants compete against each other. Here is a workout-worthy mix from the show’s four coaches: (more…)

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Record Store Day Mix

Record stores are fast going the way of the dinosaurs. Or are they? Yes, legal and illegal downloads have taken a huge nick out of the music market, but there are mom and pop stores that are still doing well.

It’s still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that there are no more national music stores. And no, Best Buy doesn’t count, especially since the last time I went, it looks like I have as many CDs in my collection as they carry in any given store.

For those smaller stores that are thriving, there is the annual celebration known as Record Store Day. Tomorrow, April 16, 2011 independently-owned record stores team up with artists and their labels to release special limited edition vinyl and CDs as a way for music nuts like myself to show our appreciation for the music stores who are still fighting the good fight. (more…)

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Workout to the Ladies

A few weeks back I put together a testosterone-fueled workout playlist that was a bit more for pumping iron than taking a stroll around the neighborhood. Now it’s time for the ladies.

You don’t need fist-through-a-wall intensity in your music to be inspired to workout. Here is a workout playlist from some of my all-time favorite female artists, who also just happen to rock. I’m a sucker for good singer-songwriters and a lot of stuff on the more melancholy side, but they won’t due when we need to get the blood pumping.

I put this list together off the top of my head, so I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself for forgetting someone, but here we go… (more…)

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Spring Workout Mix

It’s time to put a little spring in your step, because we’re nearing the warmer days of spring. No more excuses that you can’t get out of the house for a run or brisk walk because it’s just too cold.

Along those lines, I’m amazed at the level of fitness dedication I see in people here in the Northwest. It doesn’t matter if it’s 40 degrees and raining, people here in the Portland metro area will be out on their daily run.

That sort of thing has to be inspiring, and I need it since I’m training for a big hike of Mt. Elbert in Colorado this summer. Whatever inspiration you need, it’s time to get moving. (more…)

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: St. Patrick’s Day Workout Mix

St. Patrick’s Day is March 17. The Irish have observed this day, the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick, as a religious holiday for over a thousand years.

To commemorate the passing of a revered saintly figure in the Catholic church, most of us go out and drink green beer and party with our friends. Life is strange sometimes.

I’m not about to tell anyone how they should celebrate the holiday, but in case you’re looking for a little inspiration that is not measured in pints, here is a workout playlist of artists from the beautiful country I would like to visit someday – Ireland. (more…)